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crushing, unquote. u.s. officials believe the pakistani and afghanny operatives working in tandem locally with u.s. intelligence now face serious threats to their own safety. he claims he withheld publishing over 15,000 pages to doubts over information security. again, apparently he believes that operatives named in the documents have nothing to fear. >> there is a military argument for keeping some information secret. ity leaks website creates danger for human sources who supply information to the cia, is there any other damage from wicky leaks to u.s. intelligence efforts in afghanistan? >> there's afghans in there, john, who have been named and who have been identified as to where they live. those people are in danger right now of being murdered and their families of being murdered. critics on this panel, i would think, and opponents of the afghan war. this man is a saboteur of american foreign policy and of the war effort and i think this is deeply damaging and the people that did this aught to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. i do believe this, john, there's no question
new questions about the war in afghanistan and whether a key u.s. ally is helping the enemy. i'm katie couric. also tonight an exclusive cbs news interview with the president of iran. mahmoud ahmadinejad denies he's aiding the taliban and accuses president obama of snubbing him. a shake-up is expected to put an american in charge of b.p. while tony heyward could walk away with an ocean of severance pay. and steve hartman takes the temperature of the nation and finds we're running hot. >> i wish it were winter. >> reporter: and cold. >> i love the heat. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. the obama administration is dealing with a serious breach of national security tonight. tens of thousands of classified documents about the war in afghanistan leaked and posted on the web. at a time when more than 60% of americans believe the war is not going well, the documents provide some evidence to back that up. more than 91,000 were leaked to wikileaks dot-org which put 76,00
on all that's gone wrong. mounting u.s. casualties, civilian casualties, afghan government corruption and claims that pakistan is helping the taliban. >> the fact is the revelation of these documents, these raw reports real he'll brings to the foreall of the core challenges that we've been facing in afghanistan for a number of years. >> reporter: the war funding bill now goes to the president for his signature, but it only funds the war for a few months so another big battle over paying for the war in afghanistan is just around the corner, katie. >> couric: this question probably reflects what a lot of americans are wondering given the fact that the u.s. gives pakistan billions of dollars in aid every year. that is, can pakistan even be called a partner at this point? >> well, despite all those claims in the wikileaks documents the white house says yes. number one they say because relations have improved significantly over the last year. number two, they say because no other country has done as much to help the united states eliminate al qaeda terrorists from the battlefield. katie. >
in exchange for four people convicted of working as spies for the u.s. as tara mergener reports, it was the biggest spy exchange since the cold war. and we will have more on that story later in our newscast. >>> leaders in the presbyterian church have split on two measures concerning gay parishioners. last night in minneapolis, church leaders voted to allow noncelibate gates in committed relationships to serve as clergy and not to redefine marriage in their church constitution to include same sex couple. they could take up the issue today if enough delegates agree. if not the matter would be shelfed for two years. the the u.s. interior department plans to issue a ban on deep water drilling after the court ruled against the moratorium on thursday. they claimed the ban threatened their livelihoods. federal officials say it is necessary while it studied deep water drilling risks in the wake of the b.p. oil spill. >>> b.p. has set a new date for capping the leaking well. they are aiming to seal it off by july 27th. however, the "wall street journal" quotes the company executive as s
, they got it now. several key economic indicators now show that the tough times for the u.s. economy may not be over. item, u.s. consumer confidence down falling by nearly 10 points from last month. big drop. item, u.s. employment down. weekly jobless claims rose by over 10,000. item, u.s. home sales down. previously occupied homes sales fell to the lowest level on record. item, u.s. stock market down. now below 10,000. >>> some analysts see the troubling news as an omen, a double-dip recession. namely, a recession defined by a period without economic growth followed by a period with economic growth followed by a period without economic growth. a recession with a le dip or even worse, another depression. >> question, are we headed for a double dip recession or will for a double dip. it's hard to do a dip when the fed is so loose. what is interesting about this, john, the economy over the last year, you average it out, growing 3 or 4 percent. productivity is looking good. what we would have is a big government recovery. you have businesses battening down, afraid to hire and put people on
, creative, and far less prone to panic and collapse. >> the u.s. senate this week approved a sweeping overhaul of the u.s. financial sector. the act introduces a raft of restrictions on banks to curb risk. it seals a mammoth legislative victory for president barack obama. chris dodd, democratic chairman of the senate banking committee praises the land mark reform. >> this is a major undertaking. one that is historic in its proportions that is an attempt to set in place the structure that will allow us to minimize the problems in the future. >> richard shelby, the senior republican on the banking committee thinks differently. >> it creates vast new bureaucracy with little accountability and seriously, i believe underminds the competitiveness of the american economy. >> wall street has been under a cloud of uncertainty for about three years. does the dodd, frank financial overhaul dispel that cloud? >> no, it doesn't, john. they didn't deal with too big to fail. they didn't really get the casinos out of the banks. they got an enormous number of new regulations. the thing is half th
" was granted early access to the document and says they also suggest the u.s. feared pakistan may have actually helped the taliban. in a statement sunday, national security adviser general james jones called the leak a threat to national security, which could put the lives of americans and our partner at risk. the documents are largely what's called raw intelligence, reports from junior officers in the field that analysts use to advise policymakers. the website first gained international attention in april when it posted this classified helicopter cockpit video of a 2007 attack in baghdad. the clip apparently shows u.s. army helicopters firing on suspected insurgents. among the dead were believed to be two journalist. the u.s. military has charged bradley manning with passing along the information. as for this latest leak, one u.s. official says it may take days to comb through all of the documents and figure out exactly how much damage has been done. and the site says the document, quote, don't generally cover top-secret operations and they say they are delaying the release of 15,000 other doc
, she wanted to talk to the president. today shirley sherrod, fired by the u.s.d.a., got the call and another apology. are illegal immigrants raising the crime rate? some argue yes; others no. we'll give you the facts. and happy thursday-- or is it. tracking the mood of america tweet by tweet. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. a tropical storm has just formed in the caribbean and by saturday it could be churning through the site of the massive oil spill in the gulf of mexico, disrupting the cleanup for days, even weeks. some cleanup boats were sent back to port today. the large oil recovery ships may follow. tropical storm bonnie is north of cuba right now, and over the next few days it's projected to pass through the florida keys and then into the gulf. even so, federal officials said today they will keep the cap on that ruptured well. and the white house said the president, who's been urging americans to visit the gulf's still-open beaches, will take the f
, ice removed a record 380,000 illegal immigrants from the u.s. and today, we learned nearly 90 illegal immigrants wanted in connection with a variety of crimes were arrested during a three-day sweep in northern virginia and dc last month. all 87 had committed crimes or ignored orders to leave this country. the u.s. marshal service and the u.s. immigrations officials all took part in that operation. >> meantime, arizona's brand- new immigration law is set to take effect tomorrow, but it will do so without some of its mor controversial provisions. samantha hayes has more on a u.s. district judge's decision to block key parts of that measure. >> just a day before arizona's controversial immigration law goes into effect, a u.s. district judge has issued a ruling. applauded by the obama administration temporarily blocking the most con ten shows provision of the new law. arizona governor who signed the law in april says the preliminary injunction will be appealed. >> it's a pump in the road. we knew regardless of what happened today, one side or the other side was going to appeal. so this
jailed in their native country for helping the u.s. landed in washington today. the flight followed that big spy swap. justice correspondent bob orr has the details of the exchange. >> reporter: the spy swap was completed on an airplane tarmac in vienna, austria. a chattered vision airlines jet carrying the ten secret agents expeld from the u.s. pulled directly behind a russian plane carrying four prisoners from russia. from a distance, waiting vans could be seen shuttling the former captives from one plain to another as the spies literally traded places. within 90 minutes, the planes took off. the ten from the u.s. headed for moscow, the four are from russia to london and washington. the spy trade was engineered by c.i.a. chief hraoepd and mikhail fradkov, the head of russian intelligence. at the same time, u.s. officials saw an opportunity to free long-jailed russian spies who had helped american and british intelligence. >> most of them just for the money. >> reporter: one of those freed is former k.g.v. colonel gennady vasilenko. he was identified by robert hanssen, an f.b.i. tu
'll be among a group of russian prisoners traded for the ten alleged spies recently arrested in the u.s. his brother says sutyagin was suddenly transferd from a remote prison to a moscow cell. >> an international spy swap. >> reporter: while a russian television newscast trumpeted an imminent exchange, no official swap has been announced. the white house swatted away questions. >> this is, as we've said earlier, law enforcement matter. >> reporter: sources say it's likely spy deal will get done as u.s. and russian negotiators work out the details. in a possible precursor, the alleged spy arrested in virginia and boston were transferred to new york. all ten suspects will be in court there tomorrow. >> what the tea leaves seem to suggest is that you have a bundling of the individuals and the issues so that if there is a deal to be struck it can be struck quite effectively and efficiently. >> reporter: sources say a spy exchange could be a tidy ending to what's become a bit of a diplomatics me. the arrest of the ten alleged russian agents came just days after the so-called hamburger summit desi
senator in u.s. history died at the age of 29. tomorrow his body will be flown to charleston for a memorial service. the president and vice president are expected to attend. >> quick look at news from across the nation. a u.s. airways flight bound for charlotte returning to atlanta because there were maggots coming out of an overhead bin and falling on to passengers. u.s. air says a passenger brought spoiled meat on to the plane. the airline made sure no other bags were infested. the passenger with the bad meat had the meat taken away and was put on another plane. >> we didn't have -- >>> we didn't do anything wrong. people think i was giving away a baby. >> that bomb says she was the victim of a horrible bank saying someone posted the 10- month-old baby on craigslist for free. her name and number were pictured. authorities worry that the baby could be in danger. >>> this truck was able to make it through the 14-foot span, but it was the sprayer that took everything down. the historic bridge was part of a 23-mile walking trail. no one was hurt. >>> okay, it's the video that w
steps must happen first before this exchange can take place, but sources say the deal will get done. u.s. officials aren't saying whether one of the biggest spy swaps in decades is about to go down. >> this is a, as we said earlier, a law enforcement manner. >> i would have to refer to you the justice department. >> reporter: according to the family of a russian scientist convicted of spying for the u.s., that's exactly what's about to happen. sutyagin told officials that his brother igor is those who could be traded today for the ten alleged russian spies repeatly arrested in the u.s. they are accused of living formal lives while acting as agents. cia would want some sort of a confession before a swap would take place. guilty pleas mean both countries could avoi a high-profile lengthy trial. spies were transferred to new york where all will be arraigned today. american officials have also met with the russian ambassador. >> you have a budgetedi ibundli issues so if a deal is struck it can be struck efficiently. >> reporter: the suspected agents apparently didn't do much damage. in fact,
, defeating the neatherlands in the soccer finale as fans here in the u.s. celebrate. and to kill a mockingbird, the 50th anniversary of harper lee's bestselling novel and the town that inspired it. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with russ mitchell. >> mitchell: and good evening. there are high hopes this sunday in the gulf, on this day 83 of the oil spill. b.p. says it hopes to completely cap the gushing well by mid-week, but the company is not making any guarantees. here's the latest: a navy blimp has begun to look for oil and distressed wildlife in the gulf. oil continues to flow tonight as b.p. crews work on the new containment system, and the obama administration says it is optimistic that new system will work. mark strassmann has the latest this evening from grand isle, louisiana. mark, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, russ. b.p. is now staying by wednesday its new cap could stop this spill, a seal so tight not one drop of oil would escape. but for now every new drop is gushing into the gulf. now this is a runaway well. b.p.'s gusher, its
. hundreds of homes have been evacuated. overseas tonight, two u.s. service members are missing in afghanistan and may have been captured by the taban. our terry mccarthy is embedded with u.s. troops in helmand province, he joins us tonight. terry, this story, highly unusual. what do we know right now? >> reporter: jeff, this is a very bizarre story. apparently the two u.s. service members were c.v.s returning from a training mission about five miles south of kabul and appeared to be kidnap bide the taliban somewhere on their trip back. the taliban themselves have told cbs news they kidnapped these two men with 10 taliban on the road and removed them to a secure location. the bizarre thing about the story, however, is these two men appear to be traveling on their own. this is not normal practice for u.s. force nozz afghanistan. normally, they would be in a convoy of at least two if not more vehicles. jeff. >> glor: tersecond question, the u.s. is reporting the death of five more than troops in afghanistan raising this month's death toll to 56. "newsweek" magazine with a provoca
free agent in u.s. sports history. james said he didn't make up his mind until just before last night's announcement. >> i'm going to take my town to south beach and join the miami heat. >> the announcement set off wild celebrations in miami and anger in cleveland, where former fans burned james' number 23 cavaliers jersey. >> that's the absolute worst decision ever. queen james, not king james. >> reporter: james insists he never wanted to leave the cavaliers but decided it was time to move on. by signing with miami, he left more than $30 million on the table in cleveland and he joins his former olympic teammates dwyane wade and chris bosh, forming a super trio james says gives him the best chance to win a championship. >> it's going to give me the best opportunity to win and to win for multiple years. and not only just to win in the regular season or just to win five games if a row or three games in a row. i want to be able to win championships. and i feel like i can compete down there. >> reporter: the cavaliers' owner dan gilbert is outraged. he said he never even got a call from
the influence. they discovered he was carrying three fake u.s. 100 dollar bills. the second suspect of manassas was arrested on june 3. according to police, he had 59 counterfeit 100 dollar bills that were smuggled from peru in his son's backpack. ronald vitro is being held without bond. >>> an arrest warrant has been issued for a driver who allegedly sexually assaulted a metro access passenger. the driver works for a regency cab company which provides metro access service. we spoke with the general manager of regency cab last night. >> he looked like good man. he has a family with two kids. all of us were shocked because he worked very hard. he have a good record. he have no complaints. >> we've been told that the driver passed a background check and has no criminal history. >>> we're turning our attention now to iraq. further evidence of the changing role of the american troops there. a top iraqi official says that the united states has turned over 55 members of saddam hussein's former regime. the former international face of the regime was among the detainees. u.s. authorities will leave the
. a suicide bomber hit near an iraqi military base. nearly 50 people were killed. it comes as the u.s. moves to withdrawal all u.s. troops. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton is in pakistan tonight where that country and afghanistan have signed a long awaited trade agreement. the u.s. hopes the deal will increase the number of afghan and pakistanis. >>> still ahead this sunday. a celebration. south african icon nelson mandela. we will take threw. >>> tragedy for a church group on its way to visit universal studios. that story next. >>> tragic trip for a miami church group en route to universal studios in orlando this weekend. their van rolled over on the florida turnpike killing one and injuring 14 others. the accident closed the turnpike for several hours. no word this evening on what caused that crash. >>> storming a party in early mexico this morning and massacred 17 people. the gunmen opened fire without saying a word. at least 18 people were wounded. several of the victims were young. some of them women. investigators have no suspects or possible motive. they say the area is a key t
source within the u.s. military of murder. >> the truth is, they might already have on their hands the blood of some young soldier or that of an afghan family. >> reporter: in what appears to be an attempt to build a criminal case against julian assange, the head of wikileaks, secretary gates asked the director of the f.b.i. to join the investigation. >> the battlefield consequences of the release of these documents are potentially severe and dangerous for our troops, our allies, and afghan partners. >> reporter: the documents reveal the names of afghans who provided intelligence to the u.s. their lives are now in danger. and their exposure will send a chill through anyone else thinking of helping >> will people whose lives are on the line trust us to keep their identity secret? >> reporter: the documents also provide a road map to the american military's tactics. this, for instance, is a moment-by-moment log of what u.s. troops did after specialist bowe bergdahl was captured by the taliban. the damage could get worse. >> it could be a substantial, additional number of document ood
: tonight, a spy for a spy. the biggest u.s./russia spy swap since the cold war. i'm katie couric. also tonight, u.s. to b.p.: speed it up. on day 80, the obama administration asks b.p. to put a new cap on the gushing well before the weather turns bad again. d-day for lebron james. making the decision of a lifetime. and he's making oods from his doodles. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. it seemed to come out of nowhere: late last month, the f.b.i. suddenly rounded up ten people who had been living in this country for years and accused them of serving as agents for russia. today this unlikely spy drama came to a surprising end. in federal court here in new york, the ten pleaded guilty and were ordered deported. and in the biggest spy swap since the cold war, they're being sent tonight to russia in exchange for four people in prison there. the exchange to be made in vienna. justice correspondent bob orr has the story. >> reporter: even before the ten alleged spies
. >>> the biggest spy swap since the cold war is now a done deal. u.s. and russian flights landed briefly in vienna this morning and then took off. whit johnson has the latest information. >> reporter: two planes sat nose to tale on the tarmac in austria as the u.s. and russia completed a highly orchestrated trade of secret agents. after less than two hours on the ground, both took off. a plane carrying four russians reportedly landed in london at a military base. the other touched down in moscow. ten spies, working for the russian government, pleaded guilty on thursday in a federal court new york to working as unregistered agents. in exchange russia freed four people convicted of passing information to the west including scientists. in an interview for face the nation, attorney general eric holder says the deal is good for the u.s. >> we essentially orchestrated a swap so we had access to or got back four people who had been charged in russia with conducting intelligence activities on behalf of western countries. >> reporter: obama administration officials say the swap had the approval of the high
with the afghan president. now he hasn't always had an easy relationship with the u.s., but clinton went out of her way it to show hamid karzai respect. even as she embraced the afghan government's effort to step up and take control of the country, clinton reminded delegates that there's still much work to be done. >> we have no intention of abandoning our long term mission of achieving the kind of afghanistan that president karzai set forth in his speech. >> reporter: afghan president hamid karzai said his government was toward take more control of the war against insurgents and also the billions of dollars of foreign aid flowing in to afghanistan. but with greater control comes greater responsibility. afghanistan is one of the most corrupt countries in the world and delegates from more than 60 different countries are demanding the afghan government cleans up its act. the secretary of state was delivering a delicately balanced message. on one hand promising the u.s. has a long term commitment to the afghan cause. on the other, reminding everyone that president obama would like it see u.s. t
, in afghanistan this morning, nato confirmed it has recovered the body of a u.s. navy sailor killed in a taliban ambush. he's identified as petty officer justin mcneilly, age 30, the neff new of a colorado state legislator. he was one of two americans who went missing on friday. their shot up vehicle found 80 miles south of kabul. the taliban claimed they captured the other sailor alive. >>> also this morning, continued fallout from a nato air strike friday in southern afghanistan. nato command is denying afghan government claims that the helicopter attack killed 52 civilians. a nato spokesman says it investigated the incident and found that six taliban fighters were killed, but no civilians. >>> in washington, the obama administration is in full damage control mode following that huge leak of military secrets. more than 90 thourk field reports from u.s. field reports in afghanistan were released by the wikileaks website which says it it will post even more soon. david martin reports. >> reporter: most of of the reports document what is already well money. for years the u.s. has not had enough t
chairman, patrick leahy approved the request. >>> the u.s. says a missing iranian scientist will be allowed to return to his homeland. sheram disappeared in june of 2009. iran has repeatedly claimed he was kidnapped by the u.s. the state department says he has been in the u.s. on his own free will. >>> the u.s. has detained a 12th person now in the russian spy ring investigation. federal law enforcement officials don't have enough evidence to charge him with a crime. he is being held on immigration violations right now and was expected to be deported from the u.s. later in the day. one of the key figures in the u.s., russian spy swap has had her british citizenship revoked. 28-year-old anna chapman was among ten suspects who pleaded guilty in new york last week and were deported. chapman, whose photos made her a new york tabloid sensation held both uk passport through her marriage to a british man. the couple later divorced. >>> doing more to prevent childhood drownings. that was the message from cullen jones. the gold medal winner went to a pool where a six-year-old girl drowned last month
of indoor fire. >> reporter: he got a demonstration of a security alert as loud speakers sounded at the u.s. embassy in baghdad after what was described a small explosion in the heavily fortified green zone. the vice president called on lawmakers to form a government which includes all the main political blocks. >>> five after the hour. time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is here with a look at world markets. we're on holiday in the states. want the rest of the world? a mixed picture overnight. and we have a day off today. traders are of course taking a day off in honor of the 4th of july holiday and probably a good thing investors are getting time off, as well. given the performance the u.s. market has put in lately. the dow fell for the seventh session in a row on friday. for the week the key averages fell between 5 to 6%. >>> a consumer alert this morning involving buy son meat. rocky mountain natural meats issued a recall for 66,000- pounds of the meat. it is linked to e. coli illness and six people in colorado and new york. it was sold between may 21st and may 27th. >
for u.s. troops since the war beban there nine years ago. the death toll now is at 66 and that breaks a record set just last month of 670 u.s. deaths. >>> commanders warn that casualty numbers might climb even higher. president obama has ordered 30,000 more troops to afghanistan to help to turn the tide against taliban fighters. >>> back here at home, a big salute for casualties of that war. walter reed army medical center posted a purple heart ceremony for three soldiers from connecticut, virginia and washington. they were injured supporting combat operations in afghanistan. >> a confession from behind bars. the young sniper lee boyd malvo now says he and john muhammad committed twice as many shootings but is there any truth to his new confession. 9 news now investigates up next. to help avoid dental problems i give patients act restoring mouthwash. act kills germs, restores minerals strengthens enamel. act restoring-- for strong teeth act now. >>> the young viced sniper who terrorized the area in 2002 in a killing spree that left ten people dead now boasts that he and his accomplice
evidence. >> now to a long awaited homecoming. man is back on u.s. soil after the fbi kept him away for nearly two months. 26-year-old yaya was stranded in the middle east on the no fly list forbidden to come home. we heard from him at 5:00. new at 6:00, delia is live from experts who call that list un- american. >> we are told his situation is not unique. folks here at care, the council on american islamic relations say many muslims are being detained overseas, held against their will because their names appear on this list that they call unconstitutional. in fact, the aclu just filed a lawsuit challenging the government's policy. the 26-year-old fairfax county man just returned home saturday after being detained in egypt for two months. he and his brother spent a year and a half in yemen. his brother returned home in may, but yaya was held against his will, interrogated, forced to take polygraphs, even asked to become a spy upon his return to the state. members of care say that type of pressure is unfair. >> there seems to be a policy in place that allows the government from ree
the u.s. israeli bond unbreakable. he and israeli prime minister met face-to-face in the oval officed today, talk about the peace process. it is their second meeting in four months. most analysts say that their first meeting went badly. but this time, both sides made it clear that peace is their goal and their alliance is strong. >> i'm committed to the peace. and this peace will better the lives of israelis of palestinians, and it will certainly change our region. >> israel also wants something. they want the u.s. to put more effort into stopping iran's nuclear program. they see it as a serious threat to its security. >>> the u.s. justice department made good on a promise. they filed a lawsuit, challenging the constitutionality of arizona's new law targeting illegal immigrants. that suit was filed in u.s. district court in phoenix on tuesday. president obama called the state's law misguided. supporters say that it's a reasonable reaction to the inaction on illegal immigration. >>> queen elizabeth is in new york tonight. she addressed the united nations. the queen last spoke at the u.
one of the strongest earthquakes to hit the washington area. the u.s. geological sur slay says the 3.6 magnitude quake was centered in germantown and struck at 5:05 this morning. we have live team coverage. kristin fisher is near the epicenter in germantown. suraesurae chinn is at the u.s. geological headquarters in virginia. let's start with kristin. >> reporter: we have been talking about the earthquake all morning long but how would you like to see it? we have video of the earthquake near the epicenter here in germantown. i want to warn you if you blink you will miss it but here it is. 5:04 friday morning a rare 3.6 magnitude earthquake was caught on tape by security cameras in germantown. the epicenter was one mile away at the roberto clement middle school, three miles below the surface. >> the whole house was shaking bad and it woke me up out of bed. >> how did you wake up. >> the house shaking, dog barking, children screaming. my daughter said is that thunder and i said i think it was but to hear you say it was an earthquake it was a earthquake because it is something i never e
of the u.s. citizen. >> reporter: a group called al shin on claimed responsibility, a group the state department recognized as ties to al-qaeda. this is the first time the group has struck outside the home of somalia and that has american intelligence officials worried. they've become concerned somalia could be a breeding ground for terrorist. they want to overthrow the current somali government and replace it with muslim regime. and they use militants who fought in iraq, afghanistan to train them. and henn is the only u.s. citizen killed in the attacks but there is also talk of five other americans in the blast. joel brown, 9 news now. >>> a 16-year-old girl from ellicott, maryland is among those. emily kerstetter was with a group. the group was scheduled to return to the u.s. today. >>> cindy sheehan's bench trial begins today in d.c. superior court. she was among 8 anti war protestors arrested on march 20th after laying coffins at a white house fence. her son was killed in iraq back in 2004. she gained national attention after staging a prolonged demonstration in 2005. outside pres
has more on the sputtering economic picture. >> reporter: the fact that u.s. businesses added only 83,000 jobs in june is a sign experts say the economy isn't recovering nearly fast enough. this comes after plummeting home sales in may, down 30%. auto sales are down 4.7%. factory orders fell 1.4%. the first drop after nine months of improvement. still, washington is at odds over how best to tackle the nation's financial woes. president obama believes more stimulus is needed to keep the sluggish economic recovery going. today he scolded republicans for failing to extend unemployment benefits before the fourth of july recess. >> republican leaders in washington just don't get it. >> reporter: but government stimulus increases the deficit, and republicans wanted to see how the benefits would be paid for before they passed them. >> we can't support job-killing taxes and adding tens of billions to the already unsustainable national debt. >> reporter: some economist argue spending is the only way to fully emerge from the recession. >> most people i know work for money, so you have to put th
says the statement was misunderstood. >>> and in afghanistan this morning, u.s. forces are fighting under a new commander. general david petraeus said on the fourth of july that the u.s. and its allies are, quote, engaged in a contest of wills and he intends to win it. joel brown has more. >> reporter: the 130,000 troops in afghanistan have a new leader. >> we are in this to win. that is our clear objective. >> reporter: general david petraeus, formally soon to command forces. he takes over from general stanley mcchrystal, fired last week after the general and his aides were quoted mocking the obama administration. >> we have arrived at a critical moment. >> reporter: pret >> reporter: he says despite change in command the mission remains the same. >> we must help afghan leaders govern capacity so they can over time take on tasks of securing their country and see to the feeds of their people. >> reporter: petraeus takes over as u.s. casualties are on the rise and support for the nine-year-old war shrinks back home. the general who led the surge in iraq will try to accomplish the sam
was the pay master for the ten alleged russian agents arrested last week in the u.s. cyprus police said today they have metsos' laptop computer and some u.s.b. plug-in memory stick which is u.s. authorities have requested. meantime, an american geologist convicted of spying on china was sentenced to eight years in prison there today. chinese authorities say he was stealing state secrets when he gathered information about china's oil and gas wells. u.s. officials have called for his immediate release. still ahead on the "cbs evening news," the statue of liberty gave him goose bumps. an immigrant's love letter to america. and up next, the ripple effect. how the disaster in the gulf is hurting a secretary in los angeles. jirjs meet the recommended daily intake dults don't for all vitamins and minerals through diet alone. that's why there's... it helps provide key nutrients your body could be missing. one serving of boost contains twenty-six essential vitamins and minerals plus 10 grams of protein. these nutrients help promote bone health and muscle mass to help keep your body moving. achieve a b
last monday. swiss officials refused to report him to the u.s. where he's wanted for a 1977 child sex case. still ahead on tonight's "cbs evening news," the military changes tactics in its fight against suicide. a completely blocked artery, >> glor: officials in afghanistan today reported the death of five nato soldiers, including two americans, one killed by a road siem bomb in eastern afghanistan, the other in the south. a record 60 americans were killed in afghanistan last month. and the military's also grappling with an equally devastating problem, suicide byer service members. >> reporter: june was not only the worst month ever for american combat deaths in afghanistan. it was the worst month ever for suicides in the army. a total of 32 soldiers, both active duty and reserve, took their own lives in those 30 days. so far this year 145 soldiers have committed suicide compared with 130 during first six months of last year, which at the time was the worst on record. in an attempt to reverse the trend, the army released a suicide prevention video in which specialist joseph saunders,
to russia. in exchange, four people convicted of spying in russia are coming back to the u.s. this is the largest spy swap between the two countries since the cold war. >>> jessica doyle is here with a special "living $mart" report. the very big business of a big movie franchise. >> that's right. of course twilight is a hit, right? close to $200 million in ticket sales so far. so what's better for twilight fans or so-called twihards than seeing eclipse decked out in apparel and makeup? the fans live for the twilight movie. >> i love the story. i have seen the first two movies a couple of times. >> reporter: they root for their favorite characters. >> i would definitely say jacob is cuter. >> team jacob. i like the horrible things. pretty cool. >> reporter: and now twilight fans can take their love of the film to a new level. whether you are with team edward or team jacob, nordstrom has a product they hope will eclipse your expectations. a fresh collection of twilight inspired clothing to help you dress like bella. >> that is awesome. i can do bella. >> reporter: and that is n
. if you didn't feel it, an hour and five minutes ago the earth moved right here in our area. the u.s. geological survey says we had a magnitude 3.6 earthquake. the epicenter was the roberto clement center in germantown. we have been hearing from a lot of you that were rattled out of a deep sleep. devon is here to tell us more about how something like this happens in our region. >> anytime you have mountain ranges in a region that's a big sign that you have some fault lines coming in. the shenandoah fault region is what they call it. i was talking to jessica from usgs and we talked to her about 30 minutes ago and i was trying to find fault line maps on- line. very hard to do so because we don't get them here. the last one we had is in 2008. that was 2 point something. i will go to my weather maps and zoom in and show you a wide look where we are. there you see the district. i didn't put city names on there. i should do a better job. but i will zoom in to montgomery county and that shows you where the middle school right there is in germantown. 270 running through. there it is, 3.6 mag
.p. is collecting a lot less of it than it predicted it could. it's day 78. u.s. v. arizona. the obama administration files suit to try to stop the state's new immigration law. and the city named for the duke of york says welcome back to the queen of england. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. the sun rose in the east and it showed no mercy. on day two of the heat wave, the national weather service had advisories up from virginia to as far north as maine. that's tens of millions of people keeping cool any way they could. and demand for electricity put a real strain on the power system. the combination of heat and humidity made it feel like the temperature was in triple digits and in some places it actually was. in fact, in baltimore, the mercury reached a record 105 degrees. our national correspondent jeff glor is here in new york and, jeff, we set a record here as well. >> reporter: we did, indeed, katie. 103 degrees in new york city. hasn't been that hot here si
, sandra hughes. >>> the u.s. consulate in juarez is closing. that comes about four months after drug gang hit and killed four people connected to the consulate including a u.s. counselor employee and her husband. >>> meanwhile, one of the top leaders of mexico's most powerful drug cartel has been killed in a gun battle. the mexican army calls his death the biggest strike against the cartel in years. >>> july has become the deadliest month of the afghan war for u.s. forces. three american service members died in two explosions in southern afghanistan on thursday and that brings the death toll for july to 63 americans killed. casualties have been rising steadily this year as nato forces go on the offensive against taliban strongholds. >>> in other news, the investigation into the leaks of tens of thousands of afghan war documents could stretch beyond the military. terrell brown is in washington with the latest on this story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we've always been under the impression these documents were leaked from someone within the military. defense secretary r
of the law was appropriate. >> schieffer: abigail thernstrom, president bush appointed you to the u.s. civil rights commission. you said that all of this thing about the black panthers was small potatos. why did you say that? >> in the first place, you have two unappealing black guy unappealing because, you know, the new black panther party is unappealing. it's a racist party and so forth. they showed up at one largely black precinct in philadelphia. they stand around and wound up slap... one was slapping a billy club against his wrist. one, there is... we have no direct evidence that they actually intimidated anybody, stopped them from voting. two, we certainly have no direct evidence that anybody in the justice department said we're not going to prosecute this case because we have racial double standards. we protect blacks. we don't protect whites. my view, if anyone bothered to read my rather lengthy dissent on this issue, was that there are more important voting rights issues to talk about. >> schieffer: in fact, sources... i mean officials in both the white house and the justice departm
to see leave. in mexico, at least three people have died as a result of this storm, but so far in the u.s., early reports indicate no deaths, serious injuries or major damage. emily? >> okay. whit johnson, thank you, on south padre island. thanks, whit. >>> well, alex stayed south of the gulf oil spill, the big storm whipped up high waves that stalled cleanup efforts and pushed more oil-polluted water inland. mark strassmann has that part of the story. >> reporter: leoda walked on to grand isle beach worried. what do you see? >> what do i see? i see alex churning up that gulf and churning up that oil, and i know before it's over with, we're going to get a bunch of it, just when. >> reporter: when? right away. she looked behind her, one tarball, then hundreds more, some actually washing over the boom in churning waves like this one. see this oil? it's also new, pushed ashore by alex. all summer long, that spill out on the gulf or the wild card in what forecasters say will be a very active hurricane season. the good news, a hurricane's force should help break up or weather the oil. >> with
the ten spies captured in the u.s. are now in russia and we are tracking the four detainees who were released from moscow and two of them may be on this vision airlines plane. it touched down a half hour ago at dulles international airport airport and news agencies an the country, including our own are waiting to see just who is on board. let's get to our gary noneberg who is live at the scene to give us details. have you seen anything? >> this is like going to the movies in the 1960s, visions of a 20th century cold war now mostly confined to the history books, a spy swap unfolding in the 21st century as a reminder that spy craft is real, that state craft is often the only way they can get a ticket home. that vision air 767-200 touched down here at 5:31 this afternoon after apparently delivering four of the western spies to a military base in britain earlier today. that means two remaining men are believed to be on the flight. on-line tracking services report the plane has filed a plight plane -- plan for miami 45 minutes from now. when we asked whether they will remain in washi
and set aside $32 billion more to cover the costs of the largest oil spill in u.s. history. and bp says it will claim a tax credit for the cost of the clean upand that could cost taxpayers about $10 billion. betty, we'll see how that goes over. >> yeah, with we shall see. tara mergener joining us live in washington. thank you. >>> also in the gulf of mexico, workers are battling a new oil spill. 100-foot plume of oil and natural gas is spewing from a well head just off the louisiana coast after being struck by a passing barge on tuesday. clean-up crews already in the area laid boom around the site and it's hoped the well can be recapped quickly. >>> after months of delay in congress an emergency military funding bill is on its way to president obama. mr. obama asked for the nearly $59 billion measure in february. mostly to pay for the extra 30,000 u.s. troops he sent to afghanistan. passed by the house tuesday, it pushes the cost of the wars in iraq and afghanistan to over $1 trillion. >>> and as the cost of the afghanistan war mount, public support for it continues to decline. even bef
to moscow. >> reporter: the case is big news in russia. >> russia and the u.s. in an international spy swap. >> reporter: sources say negotiations is underway for a trade and u.s. officials want the defendants to make some admission of guilt. randall pinkston, cbs news, new york. >>> three suspects al-qaeda members are in jail. they were arrested this morning in norway. u.s. officials say that they were hatching a bombing plot, similar to an attack planned for the new york subways. that one was thwarted. attorney general eric holder says it is one of the most serious plots since 9/11 and a similar failed plot on england was revealed yesterday. >>> right now, police are searching for two missing tourists in philadelphia. but not without the divers. the victims fell in to the delaware river yesterday. 37 people were on board an amphibious vehicle known as a duck boat. it stalled in the water, and it collided with a barge. 35 people were rescued, thanks to the quick action by first responders. however, hope is fading for the two missing victims. >> the vehicle is laying upright on its wheels.
30 most industrialize nations, the u.s. ranks 15th in reading, 21st in science and 25th in math. >> american spends $543 billion annually on public schools. given that level of expenditure, why don't we get better results? welcome, chris. thank you for filling in for the vacationing pat. >> teachers are stuck. you have labor unions that make their jobs about job security and not about performance. it keeps them from being professionals. and then you have parents that demand that the children be treated like principles princesses and princes. so i think that's why it is not better. >>i want to point out that first of all, we're almost alone in the world where we attempt to educate all children. and our public schools have now more first generation kids, more poor kids and more minority kids and they historically don't do as well. we typically blame the kids that they came out of poor environment. but now we're learning that effective teachers can make a difference and there's a charter school movement that is bloom in this country and you have the company ip school cans and citiz
night from the u.s. senate. many of byrd's colleagues, as well as president obama and vice president biden attended this service. the 92-year-old democrat died on monday morning. he was the longest serving senator in history. the funeral service will be held on tuesday in arlington before his burial at arlington national cemetery. >>> we now have the latest information on the disaster in the gulf. we're now taking a live look at the b.p. underwater spill camera. it is now estimated that this is the largest oil spill in history. with over 140 million-gallons of crude oil spilling in to the gulf. it has been spewing since april 20th when an explosion killed 11 workers. the oil is hurting an algae and it feeds the atlantic blue fin tuna. it is one of the most popular kinds of sushi. >> when the sargasum goes that habitat will disappear and it that will not survive. >> reporter: atlantic blue fin can grow up to 1,000-pounds. not cheap. one sold at an auction recently for $100,000. and the price of -- the prices could go higher because of the spill. >>> another round of recalls, one of th
to cut down. thank you. >>> for a third time this year a u.s. marine has been killed in baltimore. 26-year-old man from new orleans was celebrating his deployment to afghanistan in an after hours club downtown. a fight broke out in the area known as the block and the marine was shot to death on the dance floor. police say they have not recovered a murder weapon and they do not yet have a suspect. >>> an update on the 19-year- old college student from falls church. they visited a business in the fairfax plaza shopping center last sunday around 3:00 p.m. and detectives say she did not appear to be in any stress at the time. but less than an hour later she was found stabbed to death in her car on a one-way service road. fairfax police want anyone with information on the case to give them a call. >>> police in the district are also asking for your help. they want you to take a look at this surveillance video. do you recognize the man on the right? police believe he robbed three shops and this is one of them. armed robbery at an ice cream parlor on florida avenue. contact dc police if you
? >>> and the navy u.s. service fleet may be in the worst shape ever. >>> first, bob gates made it clear costs must be cut to pay for needed troops and equipment. leading firms have spent preparing for leaner years. we have one of the world's leading makers of gear is one of those working to stream line. the company restructured from seven to three divisions in january and cut work force by 3%. joining me now is dave melcher. welcome to the show. >> thank you. glad to be here. >> so ashton carter last week introduced a series of proposed reforms that he is thinking about in order to reduce costs for government and industry. you are a leading industrialist. what did he say that you liked and what did he say that concerns you? >> both secretary gates and carter have announced a set of initiatives that are prudent for this period of time. we know defense spending will not continue as it has in the past. this is the time to take these measures to try to make sure our programs are affordable and give the best val -- value to the taxpayer. >> one of the things that secretary carter says is to do more w
. ugandan authority are -- have announced that a total of 64 people were killed in the blasts. >> the u.s. government has offered its assistance. have ugandans said to you at all at this point what they're hoping for in terms of help from america? >> not specifically but we are working with them. and as president obama said, the u.s. is ready to provide any assistance requested by the ugandan government. >> joanne lockhart, surely a busy day. thank you for taking the time to visit with us this morning. >> no problem. thank you very much. >> and in washington this morning is cbs news national security analyst juan zarate. good to have you with us this morning. >> good morning, erica. >> i know the group is of particular concern, not only the link to al qaeda but also because al shabab has been recruiting american men specifically. talk to us about that link, if you could. >> you're right, erica. one of the main concerns the fbi and counterterrorism officials in the united states have had for a number of years has been a number of somali-american recruits out of places like minneapolis and
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